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In an engaging style, she celebrates food, friends and nature in the places she's lived, from Alaska to Virginia....

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FOOD     Enjoy recipes ranging from old-fashioned sourdough pancakes to a microwave piece-a-cake.  Savor her Italian Provolone appetizer, hot curried fruit, and Smoky Loky beef brisket.

FRIENDS   Smile at how one can rescue with hot fudge sauce, care with cupcakes, and delight with tomatoes.

NATURE   Discover the magic of a Colorado trail, the art of summer crabbing on a Virginia pier, and the thrill of the Northern Lights dazzling above a glacier.

Vicariously visit:   Wyoming   *   Colorado   *   Virginia   *   Alaska   *   Washington

Carol W. Reed        Rhubarb Glacier Press   P.O. Box 1092  Enumclaw, WA 98022